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HB2002 Email Writing Lab

Here you will find (1) the email addresses you need, (2) tips and (3) samples of written emails. 

Thank you for taking the time to contact your legislators! It is such an important way to be involved with the legislative process. When your children or grand-children ask if you did anything to help stop this runaway train of children becoming the property of the state and not their parents, you can tell them you did something.

(1) Email addresses:

Because this is unfortunately such a partisan bill, we know most (if not all) of the Democrats will vote in favor of HB2002 and we hope most (if not all) of the Republicans will vote against it. You can write the same email to both parties or different ones. Those who have already voiced opposition would probably appreciate a kind word, as they are fighting a difficult fight for our children and future generations of Oregonians. But this is why, despite us being a non-partisan group, we have these emails separated into Democrats and Republicans.

Feel free to copy and paste these email addresses into your email app. You can paste them into the To: field, the CC: field, or even the BCC:field (blind carbon copy hides the “other” email addresses from recipients).


SENATE DEMOCRATS’ email addresses (and their Policy Advisors):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

SENATE REPUBLICANS’ email addresses (and their Legislative Director, plus the one independent)

Write to them thanking them for their hard work for us and future generations. You can share with them your email to the Democrats, too.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

(2) Tips for emails opposing HB2002

Emails to legislators can be long or short, but please know it’s unlikely they will read something too long or difficult to read.

  • Email all the Senators. 
  • Always be polite, respectful, and professional!
  • PLEASE INCLUDE the point that this bill and its summaries are convoluted and nearly impossible to understand. In addition, BY LAW, bills should be easy to understand and be written in plain language. “How can you vote for a bill you don’t even throughly understand?!”
  • When emailing, include the bill number and your stance in the subject line. Maybe make the subject something like: “HB2002 needs to be rewritten! Oppose!”
  • If you are a constituent of the legislator, add “from constituent” in the subject and body of your email. Those hold more weight. (If you don’t know who represents you, find out HERE.)
  • Remember, our reasons for contacting our legislators isn’t just to voice our disagreement. It’s also important to contact legislators who agree with us. They will know how much we support them which might encourage them to fight even harder for us. They appreciate our support!
  • Do your best to be concise.
  • Use proper grammar and proofread it before sending to correct any errors.

(3) Samples of emails opposing HB2002

Here are a few samples of letters. Let them help get your creative juices flowing, or copy and paste what you like into an email of your own.

Subject: Re-write HB 2002!

Dear Senator,

HB2002-B is so unintelligible, even the  Senate Chief Sponsor of the bill doesn’t understand it. (
BY LAW, Bills need to be written in plain language! This is according to:
1) Senate Rule 13.02 (5)   AND
2) ORS 171.134   AND
3) Article IV Section 21 of the Oregon Constitution

Not only that, but we citizens (your constituents) DESERVE to understand the bills going through the legislature and our laws.

Please follow the law and have HB 2002-B re-written so I and other Oregonians can understand it!


Full name, city, state

Subject: HB2002 is unclear, it must be re-written

Dear Senator,

I am writing to ask that you recognize the law ORS.171.134, the Oregon Constitution Article IV, Section 21, and Senate Rule 13.02 subsection 5 which state that bills must be plainly written at a level that most Oregonians can comprehend.
HB 2002-B currently does not meet these standards. I am asking that you demand HB 2002-B be rewritten to adhere to these standards as laid out in the Constitution, Senate Rule and law. There is no rush, let’s do this the right, inclusively and in a democratic way.
Thank you for your service,

Full name, city, state

Subject: Money

Dear Senator,

I am writing to you today about HB2002. As a native Oregonian, I am appalled at the language within this bill. Do you have any idea how much it is going to cost the state of Oregon to implement this bill? Requiring transitional and healthcare needs of minors to be paid for by the State is an egregious and costly proposition.

Where is this money going to magically come from? What is going to be cut from the annual budget or how much will our taxes be raised? We need the answers to these questions. Oregonians are already taxed at some of the highest rates in the nation. People are moving out in droves to get away from the high cost of living. 

If a child wants to transition to another gender then they should have to pay for it like anyone else. This bill would require an insured parent to pay for procedures they had absolutely no knowledge of! This could easily bankrupt a family. Hospital visits to give birth to a baby aren’t free. A life saving appendix removal costs money. Why is this any different?

I ask that you vote no on more spending in Oregon and vote no on HB2002.


Full name, city, state

Subject: Vote NO on this confusing bill! HB 2002

Dear Senator,

I am writing to ask you to vote NO on HB 2002. The bill summary is confusing and not understandable by the average Oregonian.  The bill measure is also confusing and not understandable by the average Oregonian.
Most importantly this bill is going to protect rapists, child molesters, child traffickers, and other sexual predators by removing the parent from knowing that their 8 or 10 year old daughter is getting an abortion or sexually transmitted infection treatment!
The way parents ensure their child is no longer victimized and that the perpetrator is brought to justice and removed from further endangering other children, is through parental consent. Traffickers can otherwise take their victim to receive services and no one will be the wiser.
You are worried about the rare 14 year old who wants an abortion and their parent refuses and forces them to have an unwanted child. PLEASE write law that protects the child victims of sexual violence- this bill protects predators!!!
I heard the gasps of Senator Steiner and Rep Sanchez as well from as the audience. No one wants 10 years olds getting reproductive health care without parental consent.
Vote no on HB 2002.
Thank you for your service,
Full name, City, State

Subject: Parental Rights HB2002

Dear Senator,

I am writing to you today to plead that you vote NO on HB2002. This bill is putting a permanent barrier between parents and their children. As a parent, I make the best decisions I can for my child knowing their needs, wants, and necessities. No other person knows my child better than I do. Not their doctor, school counselor, or teacher.

When it comes to the health of my child, I am the one who decides what is best. This includes reproductive health and gender altering treatments. As my children grow up, I allow them to have input on these decisions but as I am their legal guardian and responsible for their well being, I make the final decisions in all aspects of their health.

If this bill passes, I will no longer have the authority, knowledge, or decision making ability to decide what reproductive healthcare my children receive. If my daughter is convinced by a peer that she needs birth control so she doesn’t have a pesky period each month, the school nurse can get that for her without any input from me, her mother. Previous medical history not required. What if my son is pressured by his school’s vaccine clinic volunteers to get the HPV vaccine? Do they know that he is allergic to multiple ingredients in the shot? If he goes into anaphylaxis, who is going to pay for the bill? The school? The government? Who will be the one taking care of him when he comes home from the hospital? Or, heaven forbid, what if he dies?

We need to make sure children have access to healthcare when it is needed and that we are taking care of the emotional needs of trans children at school. This bill does not do that. HB2002 is a bill taking away parental rights, plain and simple.

I urge you to make this bill about the health of children. Remove the parts of the bill that strip the rights of parents. Do your job, and make the right choice.


Full name, city, state

Subject: Protect My Childen

Dear Senator,

Do you know what the leading causes of death are in the United States? According to a study published in the BMJ by John Hopkins University, medical error is the third leading cause of death only surpassed by heart disease and cancer. So why would Oregon representatives, in good conscience, give the power of minor’s reproductive health to doctors instead of the parents?

HB2002 does just that. It takes the legal rights away from parents when it comes to reproductive healthcare and gender transition and allows doctors to decide what happens with these children. Doctors who don’t know these children other than a once a year checkup. Doctors who only spend 20 minutes with a child will have more power than their parents.

I don’t know about you, but I know my children and their needs much better than their doctor, and certainly better than a doctor at a school or  random clinic. I am their advocate and voice when they can not speak. When they can, I am the one who asks them what they need and makes a conscientious choice taking their opinion into consideration. Don’t put my child’s healthcare decision into the hands of a stranger. Please vote NO no HB2002


Full name, city, state

Subject: Who gains from HB2002? Our Children? Someone else?

Dear Senator,

Do you know how much hospitals make off of gender transitional treatments and surgeries? I recommend that you look it up. It is gasp worthy.

As I’m sure you are aware, money runs the world and hospitals are no different. In fact, Oregon’s OHSU has a section dedicated just to transitional therapies and procedures. They stand to gain millions by the passage of HB2002. If any doctor, without parental consent, can give the green light to children who want to change their gender, hospitals are going to have a whole new revenue stream coming in.

Children who are not allowed to vote, join the military, drink, have a checking account, buy cigarettes, or live on their own will be able to tell a Dr. or school nurse that they think they are a different gender. This “advocate” can then decide if this child indeed needs surgery, hormone therapy, or physical alterations without the parents knowledge or consent. This all comes at the expense of taxpayers and hospitals while drug manufacturers make billions in profits.

Look at who is supporting this bill. Notice how the majority of the supporters are the ones who are going to make a huge profit if this bill passes. Please vote against HB2002 and vote for children over pharma.


Full name, city, state

Subject: School enrollment

Dear Senator,

Are you aware of Oregon’s dropping enrollment rates in public schools? According to the Oregon Department of Education, enrollment rates dropped by 3.7% in the 2020-2021 school year and have declined every year since. Do you have any idea what reduced enrollment does to a school’s budget? It decreases it significantly. 

Talk with any school administrative staff and you will quickly learn that enrollment directly impacts funding and schools are barely hanging on as it is. If HB2002 is passed, you will see another mass exodus of students from public education. Parents do not want school employees making reproductive healthcare decisions for their children. Parents are the ones financially and morally responsible for their children and need a seat at the table when making these potentially life altering decisions. 

Please help save our great state and our students and vote no on this controversial bill. 


Full name, city, state